Rekor Boya

WaterFine Barrier

WaterFine Barrier is a three component water-borne polyamide cured zinc rich epoxy coating. It is a primer designed for coating systems in atmospheric environments where extended durability and excellent corrosion protection are required. WaterFine Barrier dries and cures very fast and has a very high zinc dust content providing very good corrosion protection as part of a coating system.
Ürün tipi: Antikorozif boyalar
Kullanım alanı: Structural steel and piping exposed to a wide range of corrosive atmospheric environments up to very high. Recommended for offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings, mining equipment and general structural steel.
Boyanacak malzeme: Carbon steel, repair of inorganic zinc silicate coating and damaged galvanised substrates.
  • Very fast drying and curing properties
  • Very good corrosion protection
  • Low odour

Teknik Bilgi Föyü (English)

Increased efficiency The fast dry to handle properties enables you to speed up production processes or transport with less damages faster than e.g. with a traditional epoxy primer. The quick drying properties enables you to move, store or start to use your newly coated object shortly after application. The low odour and easy to apply-properties make application more pleasant and enables parallel jobs. Increased durability The very good corrosion protection properties of WaterFine Barrier prolong the durability of the coated structure for a long time.