Rekor Boya

SteelMaster 600WF

SteelMaster 600WF is a waterborne, full EPA VOC compliant and advanced technology, fire protector. This thin-film intumescent coating is specially formulated to offer 60 minutes sustainable fire protection for structural steel applications without the need for excessive coats, making it the cost-effective fire protector for safeguarding the integrity of steel structures in fire situations.
Ürün tipi: Yangın koruma
Kullanım alanı: Steels exposed to internal environments up to C3 corrosive category as defined in ISO 12944-2. Airports, shopping centres, sports stadia, high-rise buildings, multi-purpose development blocks.
Boyanacak malzeme: Coated surfaces
  • Engineered for a better environment
  • The most competitive waterborne fire protection product available worldwide
  • Waterborne, full EPA VOC compliant
  • Ideal for cost effectively lowering VOC output

Teknik Bilgi Föyü (Turkish)

SteelMaster 600WF - Güvenlik bilgi föyü (Turkish)

  • All steel sections easily covered

  • Easy airless spray application

  • Ready to use

  • Reduced application time 

  • Reduced site costs 

  • Environmentally compliant