Rekor Boya

SteelMaster 120SB

SteelMaster 120SB is a solvent based intumescent coating that provides up to 120 minutes fire protection of structural steel exposed to cellulosic fire.
Ürün tipi: Yangın koruma
Kullanım alanı: Structural steel exposed to corrosive environments
Boyanacak malzeme: Structural steel and carbon steel
  • Majority of steel sections covered
  • Easy airless spray application
  • Ready to use
  • Reduced application time
  • Reduced site costs

Teknik Bilgi Föyü (Turkish)

SteelMaster 120SB - Güvenlik bilgi föyü (Turkish)

Facts about SteelMaster 120SB

  • Tested to BS 476 (20 and 21)
  • Majority of steel sections covered
  • Ready to use, ease of application
    SteelMaster 120SB is applied using airless spray, roller and brush for touch-up only. For the full guidance notes download the SteelMaster product application guide.