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With efficient fouling release properties, enhanced durability and excellent appearance, SeaQuest is the choice for a wide variety of vessels in environments where fouling release coatings have given proven success.
Ürün tipi: Fouling release antifouling
Kullanım alanı:
Marine: Recommended for under water hull in newbuilding and drydocking. Specially designed as a premium solution for vessels trading at medium to high speed or activity. It has high gloss and excellent colour stability providing long term aesthetics appearance. Specially suitable for specific trades and where the focus is long term hull protection. The product is suitable for long service periods and can be used up to 60 months as a part of a complete coating system. 
Protective: Specially designed for offshore constructions and outside hull for static installations.
Boyanacak malzeme: On approved primers and tiecoats on aluminium and carbon steel substrates
  • New polymer technology
  • Optimised formulation
  • Robust application
  • Environmental profile

Teknik Bilgi Föyü (Turkish)

SeaQuest Comp A - Güvenlik bilgi föyü (Turkish)

SeaQuest Comp B - Güvenlik bilgi föyü (Turkish)

SeaQuest Comp C - Güvenlik bilgi föyü (Turkish)

Elastotain Technology

New polymer technology

  • Cross-linked silicone elastomer
  • Retains additives such as amphiphilic oils
  • Improved fouling release

Optimised formulation

  • Smoother finish
  • More uniform coverage
  • Improved film integrity

Robust application

  • Good sag resistance for even, consistent film coverage
  • Low surface roughness

Environmental profile

  • Biocide-free
  • Lower VOC
  • Reduced paint consumption