Rekor Boya

SeaForce Active

With its Hydractive Technology™ delivering a robust triple biocide package, SeaForce Active ensures your vessel is looked after and delivers a cleaner hull for longer.
Ürün tipi: Hydractive™ antifouling
Kullanım alanı: Underwater hull at newbuilding and drydocking
Boyanacak malzeme: Aluminium and carbon steel
  • Triple biocide package
  • Up to 60 months system
  • Best initial idle days guarantee in class

Teknik Bilgi Föyü (English)

SeaForce Active - Güvenlik bilgi föyü (Turkish)

SeaForce Active - Active protection even when your vessel is not

60 months fouling protection

With its unrivalled triple biocide package, SeaForce Active provides you active protection for the duration of the docking period. One biocide being a premium biocide is also used in our SeaQuantum Range.

Hydractive™ Technology slowing down the water uptake which prolongs biocide release and gives you a cleaner hull for longer.

Suitable for a wide range of trading parameters.