Rekor Boya

Barrier Smart Pack

Barrier Smart Pack is a high solids ceramically reinforced zinc rich epoxy targeting the maintenance market. The product is designed to achieve minimum 60µm DFT per coat using brush or roller application and at the same time have an even film. The product is also possible to apply by airless spray; this is important in an offshore situation where you have limited space and simplicity is important.
Ürün tipi: Antikorozif boyalar
Kullanım alanı: Structural steel and piping exposed to a wide range of corrosive atmospheric environments up to very high. Recommended for offshore environments, refineries, power plants, bridges, buildings, mining equipment and general structural steel.
Boyanacak malzeme: Carbon steel, repair of inorganic zinc silicate coating and damaged galvanised substrates.
  • High solids ceramically reinforced zinc rich epoxy
  • 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Surface tolerant
  • Conforms to SSPC paint 20, level 2 and ISO 12944-5
  • Engineered for brush and roller
  • Exceptional low application temperature
  • NORSOK compliant

Offshore brochure

Offshore maintenance solution brochure

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Teknik Bilgi Föyü (Turkish)

Barrier Smart Pack Comp A - Güvenlik bilgi föyü (Turkish)

Barrier Smart Pack Comp B - Güvenlik bilgi föyü (Turkish)

Barrier Smart Pack for protection in severe corrosive environments
Easy application

Fast dry-to-recoat and dry-to-handle

Surface treatment

New construction: min. Sa 2½ (ISO 8501-1:2007)
Maintenance: UHPWJ to WJ2 (NACE No.5/SSPC-SP 12); ST3

“GreenSteps” – Health, Environment and Safety

Pure zinc dust (ASTM D520 type II)
Reducing VOC significantly
Reducing waste by 1:1 mixing ratio

It conforms to the compositional requirements of SSPC paint 20, level 2 and ISO 12944/ISO 20340 and the zinc pigments comply with ASTM D520 type II zinc dust.

1:1 mixing

Mix only the amount needed, reducing waste and cost.
Smart Pack comes in two 3-litre tins with the lids clearly identified Component A (black lid) and Component B (white lid). It can be simply mixed equal amounts in the quantity needed.